At Dragon's Gate Brewery, we strive to brew creative and unique beers while staying true the Belgian brewing process. The inspiration for Dragon’s Gate beers come from the beers we enjoy from Belgium and the Netherlands. We enjoy Farmhouse Saisons, Trappist Ales, and barrel aged Lambics.


Many of our beers are lightly hopped with "Estate Grown" hops grown on our farm. We grow Saaz, Hallertau, Cascade, Centential, and several other variety of hops that compliment our style of beers. Our beers are yeast forward; careful attention and monitoring during the fermentation ensure that we obtain the desired flavor profile we come to love in Belgian beers. Our yeast libary is extensive and contains both classic Belgian strains and wild yeast strains that we have collected on the farm.  


We brew all of our beer using spring water that has made its way from high in the Blue Mountains through natural springs, and to our brewery where it is drawn from the artisinal aquifers deep below the farm.


In order to get the rich maltyness, struture, and depth in our beer we use grains that are sourced from the finest malting houses in Europe and grains grown locally. 


Our love for beer is a passion and we are always brewing. Our list of beers is always changing and growing. We brew many of our beers according to the season or what ingredients are available. Our tasting room usaully has s several beers on tap, but they do rotate often.      


The Arkenstone

A Belgian Tripel brewed with spices, blood orange and organic honey. Cellared and conditioned 6 months. 
11.7abv IBU: 22

Belgian Kriek

A Belgian ale aged 2 months with Montmorency sour cherries. 
5.2abv IBU: 16

Belgian Apricot Wit

A white ale brewed with bitter orange, coriander, & spices, infused with apricots. 
5.5abv IBU: 18

Blood of the Dragon

Blood Orange Saison. We've infused blood orange, bitter orange, and sweet orange peel along with a mix of spices to enhance Le' Petit Dragon. 
7.2abv IBU: 28

The Green Man

An Imperial IPA made with Citra hops. 
9abv IBU: 80+

Le' Petit Dragon Farmhouse Saison

Le’ Petit Dragon is a farmhouse saison brewed with a French yeast and different spices. 
6.3abv IBU: 28

Pen dDraig

Pendragon is a Belgian Quad brewed with an Abbey yeast. Cellared & conditioned for 4 months.
10.5abv IBU: 17

Robust Porter with Vanilla

Brewed with chocolate & roasted malts and infused with Tahitian vanilla beans. 
6.5abv IBU: 32

Winter Farmhouse Saison

This black Saison is brewed with dark malts and a French Saison yeast. 
6.6abv IBU: 28

The Baneful Tomte

A big & bold Belgian Christmas Ale, like malty Gingerbread cookie and molasses in a glass! 
10.7abv IBU: 24

Belgian IPA

A Belgian Tripel that is hopped with Willamette, Centennial, Saaz, & Cascade. 
9.3abv IBU: 52

Biere de Garde

Usually brewed in farmhouses across Northern France, Bière de Garde, translates ‘beer which has been kept’. 
7.9abv IBU: 21

The Devil and Jack

The Devil & Jack is a Belgian Tripel brewed with smoked yams, a touch of maple syrup and spices. 
10.4abv IBU: 22

Dark Farmhouse Saison

This black Saison is brewed with dark malts and a French Saison yeast. 
6.6abv IBU: 28

Le' Petit Dragon Farmhouse Saison with Raspberries

A traditional farmhouse style Saison brewed with tart raspberries. 
6.3abv IBU: 26

Pixie Slayer

This Belgian Pale may annihilate a pixie, but its lower alcohol content makes it a great ale to enjoy throughout the day.
4.7abv IBU: 20

Robust Coffee Porter

Brewed with roasted and chocolate malts, then infused with Dyer Straits coffee ~ ‘The Dragon Blend’ 
6.5abv IBU: 32

Belgian Strong Ale

Brewed with caramel malts & Willamette hops grown on our farm. 
9.3abv IBU: 28

Belgian Wit

A white ale brewed with bitter orange, coriander, & spices. 
5.5abv IBU: 18

Black Dragon

Black Dragon is a rich & malty Russian Imperial Stout that has been aged for 4 months. 
11.9abv IBU: 31

Double Dragon IPA

A double, 90 minute IPA with our own Estate grown hops. 
8.7abv IBU: 78

Dark Farmhouse Saison with Coffee

This is perfect for the colder months! A dark Saison brewed with Dyer Straits coffee. 
6.6abv IBU: 28

Le Morte d'Arthur

A Belgian Chocolate Stout brewed with Belgian chocolate malts, organic cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans. 
6.8abv IBU: 35

Robust Porter

Brewed with roasted and chocolate malts. 
6abv IBU: 32

Wee Irish Stout

Brewed with 7 different malts, an Irish yeast and Chinook & Cascade Hops. 
6.6abv IBU: 68

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